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Barrel Bar


2 Barrell and Top $160.00

3 Barrell and Top $190.00

Barrell $30.00 Unit

It's easy to get the party started with you're pouring drinks from this handsome bar, crafted from vintage wine barrels and hand worked steel. This elevated farmhouse showpiece offers a solid bar top made of vintage hardwood with steel framework and hand welded food rest.  Can also be used as a rustic dessert table.

64 oz. Commercial Blender



It's a great multi-purpose blender, perfect for everything from cocktails to spreads and dressings, and boasts plenty of practical, useful features to keep your event running smoothly.

Condiment Station w/Rimming Trays


For exceptional versatility and space-efficiency, the station boasts 5 rimming trays. 3 trays pull out from the bottom of the station, and then an additional tray slides out from both the left and right trays. Because there are 5 trays, you can set up a variety of rimming salts and sugars to prepare for your most popular beverage orders.

Bar Caddy


Keep your straws, stirrers, and napkins tidy with this black plastic bar caddy. Each caddy has five smaller compartments and a large 5 3/4" x 5 3/8" compartment for holding drink and tab essential items like toothpicks, skewers, wet naps, and stirrers in one convenient location. Its compact design allows it to be used in a variety of spaces. This caddy is an economical choice for any bar because of its visually appealing sleek black color with a shiny finish. 

13 piece Bar Cocktail Kit


This exclusive cocktail kit includes a multi-purpose waiter corkscrew and bottle opener as well as a slim, flat bottle opener for quick service.  KIT INCLUDES:

All-in-one waiter corkscrew and bottle opener
- Black free flow liquor pourer
- Flat bottle opener
- 16 oz. mixing glass
- 6" stainless steel pom tong
- 4 prong stainless steel cocktail strainer
- 11" red ball bar spoon
- 15 oz. stainless steel cocktail shaker
- 30 oz. stainless steel cocktail shaker
- .75 oz. & 1.5 oz. stainless steel jigger
- Stainless steel julep strainer
- 6 oz. stainless steel scoop
- 8" wood muddler

Airpot w/ Flip Cap (3.5 L)


This airpot keeps coffee, tea, or hot chocolate warm for 4-6 hours. It's great for when you need to serve hot beverages over a long period of time, and it helps to reduce waste since the beverages won't become cold as fast.

2 Qt. Pour Bottle Kit


This 2 qt. white pour bottle kit with assorted spouts and caps will help you serve and store salad dressings, juices, and simple syrups with ease!  Set Includes:
- 6 (2) qt. white containers
- 6 white necks
- 1 brown spout & cap
- 1 green spout & cap
- 1 orange spout & cap
- 1 red spout & cap
- 1 clear spout
- 1 white cap
- 1 yellow spout & cap

Stainless Steel Tapered Liquor Pourer with Flip Cap


With a slim, collar-less design, this medium-speed pourer allows you to pour liquor, juices, and flavoring syrups quickly and accurately, helping to increase efficiency and reduce waiting time. Its long, tapered spout ensures direct pouring, helping to avoid spillage and unwanted messes.

Wood Cutting Board


This 18" x 12" x 1 3/4" wood cutting board is perfect for commercial kitchens and caterers, alike. It features a reversible design for an even longer life, and it can be used as a mount for stand mixers or meat grinders. When used as a cutting board, it's sturdy enough to be used with your biggest knives.

55 Cup Coffee Maker


It brews coffee directly into an airpot at optimum temperatures between 201 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit for a rich, consistent product every time.

5 Gallon Black Beverage / Juice Dispenser



Simply place it at your beverage station, fill it, and let your customers enjoy your signature iced tea, punch, or lemonade!

33 oz. Stainless Steel Insulated Slimline Carafe / Server


With its double-walled, vacuum-insulated construction, it can retain hot or cold temperatures for up to 4 hours! It withstands beverage temperatures from 32 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

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